Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Irish Women

"Here's to good Irish women. May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them."

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I took a second look at this quote. For a moment I realized why every woman in the Quinlan family has a decoration of some sort starting that very thing. When I think of good women, I think of Quinlan women... and they so happen to be Irish.

Before I start my mushy gushy rant, my disclaimer is that just because I'm only talking about how wonderful the women are, doesn't mean the men aren't too. I happen to be female, so they get the blog for the day. Plus it is mostly the wonderful Irish women of my family reading this blog!

What does being a "good Irish woman" mean?
It means that when your Godson needs to come home, the United States Marine Corps doesn't stand a chance against you.
It means you move across the country to chase your dreams and take chances.
It means you house nieces and nephews while they get on their feet or before their mother's want to cut off their feet.
It means at 60 you are still plotting cross country trips.
It means you cry when you want to cry and you don't wear a bra if you don't want to.
It means you raise your kids, or your nieces and nephews with pride, humor and love.
It means you get kicked out of hotels in Las Vegas for laughing too loud.
It means you publish books, read poetry, make quilts, craft cards & produce movies.
It means you still have weekend long sleepovers with your sisters.
It means you protect the virtue of the ones who can't on their own.
It means you travel hours across two states to attend a funeral of a man you met once or twice because you wanted to be there for people you loved.
You teach, you empower, you tell it like it is, you cook for your family, you laugh at things that aren't even that funny, you wear purple.

Being a good Irish woman means you take risks, love until it hurts, and always, always, always look after one another.

Each aunt, cousin, sister & mother in my family took a part in raising this Irish woman. I have had the honor of growing up around good, strong, powerful women. I know them, they've raised me and therefore I can only hope to be one like them.

** I originally just wrote this for my own blog, but when I realized no one wrote something representin' the Quinlan's on St. Patrick's Day-- I had to spread the love. So if you read this on my blog, sorry for the repeat, but SOMEBODY has to pick up the slack on here ;)


  1. Sadie,
    wow that was a mouthful, I have never been so proud to be an Irish Women... thanks.. Your a great writer.

  2. I am not only an "Irish Woman", but delighted that I have had the honor of knowing--and having my input on raising a few! I am expecting and praying that you will all feel just as comfortable raising the next generation of Irish Women!

  3. The one about The Marine Corps made me smile most definatly and so does the one about the hotel in Vegas all of my friends get a good chuckle out of it